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I am so stressing over this, as everyone is.  My biggest question is…. Is the lawsuit from last year still good?  Where we do the 1 in a month..  I’m being harassed in emails, one came in like it was from Kirk Caldwell which I’m sure someone else did.  I am sure everyone is and my calendar for the ones I’m being harassed on have one 3 week booking in the month.  I need to know how to set up the websites. I have so many to change and figure out in less than 2 weeks.  Do I have to take off the nightly rate even if I only take the one in a month?  How do I list the homes?  I have to figure out the correct verbiage for the contracts and I’m really scared. I’ve talked with so many people and of course things get switched around by the day and everyone interprets things a different way.  I have some owners saying one way and others another.  I can’t listen to them and need to know the way for me not to get in trouble so I can work on letting my owners know, if they don’t like the way I will be doing this they can find someone else.  I’ve dealt with my owners most of them for over 10 years and some will not be able to keep their homes.  I know that for sure!  I have a few widow very old owners I am trying to keep afloat who live on their property but rent a section.  I’ve have a few call me crying.  I love a lot of them and wish I could build onto my house and have them all move in with me…… I aged 10 years with this and have a hard time eating and sleeping..  My parent’s won’t make it without their rental nor will my sister.  I drove around this past Sunday, I’ve never seen so many houses up for sale in Kailua.  It’s just so sad. 

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