A Letter From a Local Girl

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I am a local ‘girl’, though 84 years old at the moment.  My family came to Oahu from the east coast in September of 1944 when my father, Dr. John F. Fox, was selected as the wartime president of Punahou at age 38.  My mother and we three sisters followed him over, by sea, on a badly listing Kaiser Permanente cement freighter accompanied by 5 submarines–the convoy took 11 days for the crossing, with gypsies in the next-door cabins and many transported Japanese huddled over hibachis in the hold.  My sisters had their 7th and 11th birthdays aboard.

   My father loved Hawaii and its diversity. At Punahou, he changed the culture by abolishing the quota system of admissions limiting Hawaiians and orientals, and completely revitalized the educational system, faculty, student body, and campus.  A man ahead of his time.

   He believed in Hawaii real estate, and on the day he died in July 1991, he signed my proxy on my newly bought Haleiwa condo.  This north shore gem is the only property I’ve ever bought, besides the mainland house of my marriage in which I still live.  A renter permit was never available to me, the last one having been issued in 1989. 

   I have two children, one on the mainland and one here on Oahu.  My time is spent in both places  

   The Haleiwa condo fell into terrible disrepair under 3 sets of long-term renters for 15 years. It took many $$$ to reconstruct it and I began short-term rentals so I could keep a protective eye on this treasure by frequent drop-bys and hiring a local manager in the same building. Much better! 

    I have always paid my GE and TA taxes. We are able to check between tenants when the property requires help and continually maintain and upgrade,  using local labor and resources of all kinds.     

    In July , 3 weeks ago, (poor timing) my second complete reconstruction and remodel was finished, just as the short term rental ban was precipitously voted in without adequate forethought of calamitous fallout.

   I will lose my landed interest and haven if your harsh Honolulu ‘crackdown’ measures are implemented. None of my regular tenants can afford time for a month’s stay.  Certainly my little beachfront property would never be ‘affordable housing’.    

   It’s a shocking waste of a real estate asset that benefits everybody and harms nobody. I am not a willing criminal!    Please offer permits and stop frightening otherwise law-abiding owners.

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