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On June 25, 2019, Bill 89 was signed by Mayor Kirk Caldwell, which establishes new regulations on short-term rentals (Bed & Breakfast and Transient Vacation Rentals advertising rental periods less than 30 days) in the state of Hawaii. Effective August 1st any short-term rentals within the restricted zoning areas will be issued an NOV (notice of violation) and will have 7 days to remove any advertisement otherwise the owner is subject to heavy fines of up to $10,000/day.

Those who are not affected are long term rentals, meaning rentees who are staying a minimum of 30 days. Note: Your advertisement must state that the rental period is 30 days minimum.

A word of caution to homeowners: It is considered a misdemeanor offense to knowingly make a false statement to a county inspector as stated by House Bill 807, which was newly signed by Governor David Ige.


Click above to read the bill.

Redacted Letter

Click above to read a redacted letter from the C&C Honolulu.


These aggressive moves by the DPP and the C&C are infringing on your rights as a property owner. Regardless of your affiliation to any other groups fighting Bill 89 and other Bills that attempt to destroy your property rights, our voice is louder and our ability to fight is stronger when we unite our resources. Of course, you still remain a member of your group and we encourage ALL groups to continue the fight since we all want the same thing.


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4) Continue to let your elected politicians know that you don't approve of how they voted. The vote was UNANIMOUS! 9-0. Make your voices heard!

We are a registered 501 (c)6 association fighting for reasonable permitting. We are regularly required to report our activity to the government, which we do. We are all ENTIRELY volunteers with no paid employees. ALL contributions are used to fight these onerous property rights bills.

Welcome to Kokua Coalition dba: Hawaii Vacation Rental Owners Association (“HVROA”)

We are located on Oahu, Hawaii based non-profit 501(c) 6 organization. Our membership consist of property owners renting for less than 30 days, booking agents and local business owners. Board members and advisory teams are volunteers and they do not receive any monetary compensation. Your information is kept secured and it is not shared. EVER!

We began approximately 15 years ago as a group of 20 short-term rental owners. Including, TVUs, Condos, and B&Bs owners.

Our goal is to change the existing laws, prohibiting owners to rent their properties for less than 30 days by allowing a form of permitting.

We educate the public and the Legislature about the much needed economic contributions vacation rentals bring to Oahu and the importance of Hawaii offering alternative options to meet the needs of visitors.

Members are expected to pay their taxes and respect their neighbors.

Many HVROA short-term rental owners and their guests on Oahu have witnessed the aggressive efforts of the Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP) to eliminate all short term rentals on the island.

In order to protect its members, HVROA retained legal counsel and on July 11, 2016 filed a lawsuit against the City and County of Honolulu; specifically, the Department of Permitting and Planning (DPP) and the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) to prevent them from holding property owners in violation of renting their properties once during a 30-day period. HVROA’s attorney, was successful in getting the DPP and ZBA to settle the matter in our favor on May 23, 2018. (Stipulation for Dismissal )

What does that mean for us?

Paragraph #10 (Paragraph Link 10) in the Settlement explains in detail this agreement.

The DPP will now allow a dwelling to be rented once during a 30-day period without requiring a guest to stay the entire 30 days, so long as the dwelling remains vacant for the remainder of that 30-day period. Both HVROA members and non-members can now rent once every 30 days. A 30 day contract can be used as evidence.

The DPP and ZBA will no longer engage in the practice of deeming anyone receiving a violation guilty until proven innocent, which resulted in onerous and grossly unfair legal fees to property owners. The Chair of the ZBA and the ZBA’s
attorney insisted on having the ZBA procedure modification apply only to HVROA members. (Paragraph Link 12)

This victory clearly demonstrates the value of “Strength in Numbers” and proves an organization with the financial ability to implement legal proceedings, to engage overbearing government agencies can truly make a difference. (Application Link

Mahalo, to ALL of you that gave your support and contributions. Without your contributions, this Settlement would not have been possible.

Together and One Voice! >>The HVROA TEAM

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